Our fully equipped, modern Eurocopter aircraft service Edmonton, Lac LaBiche, Calling Lake, Athabasca, Boyle, Redwater, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Elk Point, St Paul, Wandering River, Mariana Lake, Janvier, Conklin and Fort Mcmurray.

Our experienced crew and expertly maintained equipment is available for:

Reforestation Services

HeliOps provides transportation of crew and equipment to remote areas that need reforestation. Once the crew has safely arrived, HeliOps continues to service the crew by flying additional supplies in and out of the location as needed.

Fire Suppression and Patrol

Many fires do not happen in rural or urban areas. Many fires are started in extremely remote areas by lighting or other events. These fires need to be quickly extinguished and without the help of helicopters, this would be nearly impossible. HeliOps provides transportation the firefighters need to access these locations as patrol services and aerial fire suppression equipment.

Media Services

When news breaks in remote areas, newscasters need a quick and safe way to cover the events. HeliOps provides fast transportation to all service areas for newscasters and their crews.

Charter and Sightseeing Services

Whether the location is urban or remote, HeliOps can get you there. We also provide relaxing sightseeing adventures, which are perfect for dates, birthdays, or just to try something new. Hire us to getting stunning views of the city.

When you need to get somewhere fast, need to go where there are no roads and limited access or are just looking for a unique way to experience air travel, HeliOps has services that are customized for you. With equipment such as a Bambi bucket, slings, long lines and baskets, there is no end to the many services we can provide. We have a clean safety record and are approved by Transport Canada.

We look forward to flying with you.