HeliOps is Edmonton and Northern Alberta's
Helicopter Charter Service Provider

Helicopter access is invaluable for fire safety. It is crucial for surveillance and monitoring. It is imperative for reforestation. It is vital for news media and now, thanks to HeliOps, helicopter charter services are available in the Edmonton area and Northern Alberta.

Our helicopter charter service range extends over northern Alberta from Edmonton to the thriving oilsands. Without helicopters, many remote areas would remain just that – remote and inaccessible. HeliOps provides a way to reach these areas for emergency evacuation, fire suppression, surveillance and reforestation. Services are also available for city tours, sightseeing, charity flights, news media and more.

Your comfort and safety is our number one concern and we strive to ensure your job is conducted properly and efficiently through our services. HeliOps is a proud member of the Helicopter Association of Canada, and is Transport Canada approved. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.