Thanks to technological innovations, the Eurocopter A-Star AS 350 offers the operators the highest performance in its category, with enhanced safety and a reduced pilot workload


IMG_2261Eurocopter AS-350BA

Rotor Diameter: 35.07ft (10.69 m)
Fuselage Length: 35.86ft (10.93m)
Overall Length: 42.45ft (12.94m)
Powerplant: 1 x 640shp Turbomeca Arriel 1B
Max Take-Off Weight: 4630lbs (2100kg)
Max Seating: 6-7
Max Cruise: 115kts
Range: 340nm (630km)


C_-FIRE_2476Eurocopter AS-350B3

Rotor Diameter:    35.07ft   (10.69 m)
Fuselage Length: 
 35.86ft  (10.93m)
Overall Length:     42.45ft  (12.94m)
Powerplant:  1 x 848shp  Turbomeca Arriel 2B
Max Take-Off Weight:  4960lbs  (2250kg)
Max Seating: 6-7
Max Cruise:  115kts
Range:  340nm  (630km)